Banking System In India 2023 - Changes In Banking System

       Excuse me,

Banker : Yes Sir.

Customer : There use to be a person where is he?

Banker : He is been transferred.

Customer : What it's just one month he has joined.

Banker : Yes sir, but don't worry I will take care of your account.

Dear Readers,

Above scenario is quite common in these days banking. Every time you will find another guy and it's just so exhausting because obviously you need a trustworthy banker and when you find someone, in the next time you won't find him/her.

Why this is happening why people are getting transferred?

The real truth is employees are leaving the banks due to sales pressure. Every single employee has to

do sales. They need to sell insurance, accounts, mutual funds, loans, credit cards etc. In fact every single product. Targets are assigned to the employees in such a way that they are forced to sell the products.

True banking is providing solutions to the customers rather then this bankers are forced to sell and in pressure many of them leaves the organization.

Banks are struggling on employees. But still bank keep adding pressure and pressure of sales.

If you ask any banker when they leave office, I can bet you won't find a single person saying he/she leaves branch by 6 PM.

Every morning starts with so called morning huddle in which only daily targets are discussed rather than some banking related information, daily commitment is taken from each employee. I mean seriously a person has joined the branch and in the next day they want cross-selling of products.

If you miss the target by god you will find yourself a trash.

I don't understand why sales and operations are mixed why each branch employee has to sell every product. Why even selling term is used in branch banking system. Banking is the financial backbone of any country. But it's been getting ruined by introducing sales in the system.

I mean why you have to sale if a person need an account or any thing he or she will come to the branch why branch employees are forced to sell. In fact pressure should be on service side.

This has to end, government should intervene because banking is the business of trust and sales can't be done without lies. I am sorry friends but this is the bitter truth of sales. 

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